Access - Hours

OSAC is a public resource.

We do our best to provide access to anyone with legitimate research needs.  Researchers may request to borrow specimens via a loan or make arrangements to visit the collection and conduct research here.

Individuals who are not staff members, nor associates of the museum, may access our holdings when staff members are present during our operating hours (M-F 9am-5pm).  Under unusual circumstances, exception may be made to this policy, but only by prior arrangement and by written agreement.  Because we have a small staff, it is strongly recommended that you contact us prior to your visit so we may coordinate with you to ensure you have the most time available in the collection. 

Researchers who regularly visit the museum may apply to become a curatorial associate or museum associate (see below), which once granted, allows the researcher to use the collection unsupervised from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday -- as long as the University is not closed for holiday.