General Acknowledgment: Researchers using OSAC specimens as part of their work are expected to acknowledge the museum in any publications (printed, website, presentation, etc.) in which OSAC specimens and the data on their labels contributed to the overall value or scientific merit of the work.  

The collection should be acknowledged as such:

Oregon State Arthropod Collection (OSAC), OSU Department of Integrative Biology, Corvallis OR.

Specimen Records and DNA sequencing:

When digitally sharing specimen records (label data) or genomic sequence data from OSAC specimens, researchers are expected to include a reference to the specific OSAC Specimen ID number, such that third parties can access the specimen record in the future.   The most appropriate way to do so is to provide the specimen number in one of the following formats:

(1) OSAC_0000000000

**note: if the OSAC has captured the specimen label data in our database, the second method will provide a direct link to the specimen record, including additional determination and other information (images, metadata, etc).

Removal of the prefix ("OSAC_") and/or the trailing digits (entering "12" instead of "0000000012") is to be avoided.

NOTE: The official acronym of the Oregon State Arthropod Collection is OSAC. 

Other collection or institutional acronyms are not to be used in reference to our material in publication or digitally distributed specimen records - even if other acronyms are used for our material in historical literature or non-OSAC databases. (see Digital Dissemination of Label Data, for further details).