Specimen Labels

Existing specimen labels:

-should not be permanently removed or defaced

-if temporarily removed, labels should be replaced in the same order and whenever possible without adding new pin holes

Determination labels:

-Researchers are strongly encouraged to place determination labels on every specimen that they determine or re-determine

-Determination labels should include the determinor's name

Other types of labels

-please refrain from adding non-determination labels, especially those which bear a unique serial numbers as they lead to confusion and can result in duplicate data records being distributed online.

-if your project’s protocol involves placing a unique number tag on our specimens other than the OSAC specimen number, please read our Specimen Digital Dissemination Policies below

Barcode labels:

-as indicated above, labels bearing another specimen number (even if encoded in a barcode) are not to be added to OSAC specimens, unless they are integrated with a human-readable determination label.

-OSAC barcode labels should be the bottom-most label, with the barcode facing DOWN.  Our museum procedures require that the specimen barcode tag be readable for all specimens when the specimen is picked up and rotated so as to expose the ventral surface of the bottom label.  Thus, we ask that determination labels be placed ABOVE the barcode tag on the specimen.


RECOMMENDATION: Researchers who wish to add an additional unique number to an OSAC specimen might consider integrating their number into a determination label.