Commensal Specimen Removal

Researchers whose studyinvolves removal of symbionts/parasites/commensals, etc from OSAC specimens (e.g., mites, fungi, pollen, endosymbionts, etc.), should review destructive sampling protocols if the search for and/or removal of the commensals threatens the physical integrity of the host specimens.  If you are uncertain, please contact OSAC to get approval for any potentially destructive protocols.  

Commensals are considered 'specimens' in an of themselves, and if removed, should be mounted, and labeled in such a manner as to retain the original host label data (including original collector) as well as bear the OSAC specimen number.

Symbionts removed from OSAC specimens should be returned to the OSAC with the original host material at the completeion of the loan, and any type material created from OSAC specimens, should be deposited in the OSAC.