Paul Hammond


Paul Hammond has a long history with the OSAC having gotten his undergraduate degree at OSU.  Paul returned to the area after graduate school and has been working on research projects related to Butterflies and Moths ever since.  He has a particular interest in Speyeria and Colias. He has been actively improving and curating the OSAC Lepidoptera collection since the 1980's.  Dr. Hammond is a invaluable resource for our local biologists, conservationists, government agencies and collectors and has for many years, along with David McCorkle, been the organizing force behind the successful PNW Lepidopterists Workshop that takes place each fall here at OSU.

Dr. Hammond may be reached via campus address:

Dr. Paul Hammond, c/o Oregon State Arthropod Collection
OSU Department of Integrative Biology
3029 Cordley Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331

or via email to: