Western Forest Insect Collection

OSAC's effort to digitize the WFIC

OSAC's approach to providing digital access to the WFIC strives to increase access to the primary data associated with this collection; namely: the actual specimens and original cards.  We have used the data within the HUSSI database to populate our initial datarecords associated with this digital resource, however, the HUSSI data is only one element in a more complex datamodel that records the metadata associated with any given record.  Right now the available data (and metadata) is relatively simple -- but the goal is to gradually augment these data - fleshing out the more complex system so that users can see not just the primary data, but have access to metadata to evaluate the primary data.   These records also have the abilty to be augmented with new information (re-determination of specimens, updates to the taxonomy, biographical information about the people, etc.).

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The Western Forest Insect Collection, or WFIC, is managed as a sub-collection within the Oregon State Arthropod Collection. It comprises voucher material amassed over many years at the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, and Rocky Mountain Research Stations of the USDA Forest Service. In an effort to consolidate these resources and to ensure their long-term curation, these collections were transferred to the OSAC in the 1990's along with physical card records and additional materials associated with the collections. Since 2009, the OSAC has been working to provide enhanced digital access to both the card files and the physical specimens via this website.  

Find out more about the WFIC at the Oregon State Arthropod Collection

WFIC Scolytine Weevils

The first component of the WFIC to be digitized by the OSAC has been the scolytine weevils.  Check out these records: